The Party of Ideas? Drawing the Wrong Conclusion on the Healthcare Debate

Michael Gerson’s thesis about Obama — that he’s an unoriginal, partisan hack who somehow became President of a center-right country — fails at this crucial point: he’s been honest from the start. He never apologized in the campaign for his liberal beliefs on health care. Indeed, he was even more liberal on the trail than he’s been in power. And yet, the public of this great “center-right” nation still gave him a landslide re-election that re-aligned the map.

There are two possibilities about the current debate, then: either the American voter was woefully uninformed about Obama’s beliefs, despite one of the most closely-watched election years ever, or the Republican Party has managed to win a debate that even Gerson acknowledges has been fought with “shrillness, incivility and conspiracy theories.” Or, maybe Gerson is just flat wrong. Let’s go with that one.


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  1. Or have you considered that both sides are correct. Democrats and Republicans want to reform the coverage laws (pre-existing conditions, provide access for people in the various gaps – low income, between jobs –, etc.

    The major issue is cost. The Democrats believe that they have the cost covered and the Republican do not.

    Follow this and the health care delivery issues at

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