Liveblogging Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project Show

Notes from the previous bit of Fox News coverage — Sen. DeMint (R-SC) says he’s “never been more proud to be an American” (really?), and either Fox spots are covering only white people, or it’s only white people at this tea party rally. Your call.

1:03 – Contrary a popular rumor on Twitter, picked up by Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck puts the “official” estimate at 60,000 people, NOT 2 million.

1:03 – Beck’s trying to spin this as anti-big government, rather than anti-Obama. His men on the ground are push-polling the crowd to get that answer.

1:08 – Beck asks for “fierce determination and malice towards none.” Then promptly runs a clip of Democrats looking scary, with scary music.

1:14 – Running montages of American triumphs of the twentieth century. Oddly enough, all of them — victory in WW2, end of the great depression, moon landing — occured under Democrats, as a result of (gasp) government spending. Apparently government is the answer.

1:21 – While Glenn Beck claims that this isn’t about “Republican or Democrat,” his volunteer coordinator tells the story of how she became a conservative because her husband blamed 9/11 on her and her “liberal friends.” She agreed! Sounds like a healthy marriage. Mazel tov!

1:25 – Reading hate mail from strawmen liberals. Glenn Beck says he understands, and worries about the flag being used as a political stunt. As the “Join or Die” flag flaps behind him.

1:27 – “Progressives” are responsible for overreaching to build an “empire” — especially Teddy Roosevelt, “Repulican” progressive, and Woodrow Wilson, the “Democrat” progressive who built the League of Nations/UN as an imperial organ. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time viewing a consensual world body as “imperial”…

1:31 – Don’t think I can stand another full hour and a half of this.

1:34 – Jim DeMint (R-SC) and his buddy talk about “fierce” battles with Republican leadership bent on expanding entitlement programs. Did either of those things actually happen?

1:35 – That’s what people like about Sarah Palin! She went after her party first, before she went after the Democrats! Fill in the blank: “I guess being a _____ ______ is sorta like being a small town mayor…” Pray tell, against whom was that speech made?

1:37 – “I don’t have politicians on my program anymore,” Glenn Beck explains to Senator DeMint. On his program.

1:38 – DeMint: “I can’t tell you who you can trust, but I can tell you who you can’t trust — the Democrat [sic] Party!” OMG, Glenn Beck is so post-partisan!

1:40 – An unnamed but super-powerful Democrat called up Glenn Beck and expressed his support. That’s so funny, because a prominent Republican (it might’ve been Mike Huckabee!) called me last night, to ask if he could guest-write for this site. I turned him down.

1:45 – Glenn Beck wants you to be a “whistleblower” on your neighbors, when they transgress against foundational principles. How does this not set off Beck’s hyper-sensitive fascism alarm?

1:46 – There’s a “blue state mentality that pits Americans against Americans,” and it comes from liberalism and the media. Divisiveness is bad, you guys, and it’s all the left’s fault. I can’t emphasize that enough.

1:49 – Tea parties aren’t about “hate,” they’re about restoring “decency.” Decency like armed rebellion, and calling the President a Nazi.

1:55 – Teddy Roosevelt was a big government hack, ergo a progressive. I think Roosevelt would probably take exception that.

2:01 – We started losing the feeling of unity from 9/11 when we stopped going to church. Hurray for inclusiveness!

2:05 – I’m not a McCarthyite, because I don’t have the power to subpoena witnesses.

2:07 – American health care is bad, but it’s still the best in the world (orly?). Global warning isn’t a danger, because it was kinda cold this summer.

2:09 – Obama’s going to use fear of the swine flu to quarantine you in your house. Yes, he actually said that.

2:12 – We need to “quarantine” the “cancer” in Washington. No hate here.

2:15 – Too few Americans don’t know what Ben Franklin actually did. I’m betting Beck doesn’t, either…

2:16 – “Come out. Do it. Do it now.”

2:21 – One of Glenn Beck’s few remaining advertisers? Barack Obama. This is one advertiser I’m happy to have using Beck as a medium.

2:26 – The postpartisan veneer cracks quickly, as Beck’s guest, a Pastor Brod (correct me if I’m wrong), explains that Obama wants to take away America’s Judeo-Christian values, and replace them with “atheistic,” “socialistic,” “Darwinist-frame” values. In the background, one of his watchers holds up a sign: “Ask Santa Anna how it went for the last president who tried to take a Texan’s rights.” That’s right — tea partier, on air, expresses his willingness to kill the President.


Click to enlarge.

So much for decency.

2:33 – Beck argues with Yaron Brook, an Ayn Rand devotee, who argues that Christianity is a “socialist” religion at odds with capitalism and objectivism. Beck loses, hard. This is what happens when you get into bed with philosophers whose teachings you don’t understand.

2:38 – That’s enough. Enjoy the rest of your day, and try to make it free of Glenn Beck.


  1. Dude… All I can say, thanks for taking one for the team and sitting through that and posting such thoughtful commentary. It’s so annoying. They’d barely cover protests against the war, without claiming them as ‘unpatriotic’ yet, waving signs alluding to killing presidents, is clearly totally patriotic. Country needs an enema!

  2. “Ask Santa Anna how it went for the last president who tried to take a Texan’s rights.”

    I’m not quite sure what they’re actually trying to say here. As far as I remember, even though Santa Anna didn’t do too well during the Texan Revolution, he still managed to hold on to the Presidency (on and off) for another 20 years or so.

    And even when he got kicked out for good, it was only after he failed to halt the American invasion, and thus lost the support of his political allies in Mexico.

    So I guess the lesson is that Presidents who try to take a Texan’s rights do pretty well in an extremely hostile poltical environment and eventually get to retire in exile on Staten Island? I dunno.

  3. DickTurpis · ·

    Do keep in mind that Santa Ana returns every year and burns down large sections of California. Oh, and not to nit pick here but Ames, the first moon landing happened during the watch of a rather non-liberal President named Nixon.

    1. Yeah, because that whole trip to the moon was planned in just 6 months.

    2. Haha, I suppose you’re right Dick :). But it took a Dem to get it going.

  4. Yeah, glad somebody watched that thing. I personally couldn’t stomach it. Sitting at home with an impacted wisdom tooth (yes), I listened to Les Miserables instead, which is sort of the same as the Glenn Beck thing, except that those who led the Paris uprising actually had a solid damn point to make.

  5. In more important news, Houston upset Oklahoma State, Fresno State took the Sconnies to OT, and UCLA beat the inbred pondscum of the “University” [sic] of Tennessee.

  6. swconference · ·


    Oh 9-12.

  7. Just a note- Ayn Rand is not a philosopher. Objectivism is morally, logically, epistemologically, and metaphysically bankrupt. It is a “philosophical” position held only by highschoolers who have serious self-esteem issues, and those who have never outgrown their highschool foolishness.

  8. I really think these Tea Party Folks need to be watched carefully.

    I seem to remember another disenfranchised conservative minority party that took power during a time of extreme economic problems. Should we be on the lookout for the next Nazi Party?

    There seems to be an overlap in agendas.

    I hope the above is not even close to what’s coming.

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  11. Video shows how Beck got his start in TV.

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    You might enjoy my blog, The Glenn Beck Review.

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