Newt Gingrich has a Plan

But has he evolved?

In a tweet to his supporters, Gingrich let it be known that he’s tired of people saying health care reform opponents don’t have a plan. Why, he has plenty of plans!

As you can see by looking at his plan, Newt thinks you’re either dumb as a stick, or a fairly intelligent person who’s nonetheless “wowed” more by tables than by real ideas. Thousand-page bills may look daunting, but they show a hell of a lot more thought than a panoply of general valence issues, pleasingly arranged on a grid. Maybe health care opponents do have a plan — other than lying through their teeth, I mean — but this isn’t it. Next.


  1. I stopped listening to Newt Gingrich on health care when he stuck with the death panel idea even after it was pointed out it had nothing to do with the bill.

  2. Wait is he talking about this? Is that it? Or did I miss something?

    I see they also want to “eliminate cancer as a cause of death” and “prevent all medical errors”. Yeah, good luck with those.

  3. Oh yeah, well I’ve got a health care reform plan, too.

    1) Make all health care free to everyone (even the taxpayer!).
    2) Eliminate all diseases, from viruses to cancer to genetic conditions.
    3) Make sure no one dies, ever (especially not grandma).

    When you can have a plan with goals like mine, clearly the Democratic plan is not what is in the best interest of America.

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