Fighting Over Schools — Again

Presumably egged on by false equivalences between a democratically-elected President and “fascism,” Republicans took an immediate objection to the news that the President would address public school children on September 8th, prompting boycotts and assertions that the speech would constitute “propaganda.”

By all markers, the speech stands to be fairly blasé, a chance for a president who stands for education, to speak about the importance of education. Coming from the first black president, at a time when dropout rates remain high, it’s hard to characterize this speech as anything but good, let alone nefarious, without resorting to conspiracy theories, or generic partisan vitriol. Previous Presidents — Reagan, for one — have used these speeches as chances to push a social agenda, but until Obama’s speech actually happens, such objections are notably premature. Call conservative objections obstructionism, then, or partisanship for partisanship’s sake — whatever it is, it’s a cheap way to score political points without ever putting forward a real policy idea.



  1. I think I see where this is going.

    At a predetermined point during the speech, brainwashed school kids all over America will pull out their Hitler Obama Youth uniforms and spill out into the fair countryside to install the new reign of grandmother-killing death panels and crushing socialist-style tax hikes. It’ll be Lord of the Flies all over again. Or something.

    Anyway, I know it’s true because I read it on a blog somewhere. I think.

    Trus me.

  2. The level of paranoia that surrounds Obama never ceases to surprise me. He does something that is completely precedented and it is the beginning of a dictatorship. When people start carrying guns around and talking about succession, maybe the Office of Homeland Security does have a reason to worry about domestic right-wing terrorism.

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