Quote of the Day: Progress

“Festina lente.”

— translated as “Make haste, slowly,” and attributed to Augustus Caesar

When real progress comes, it comes slowly.

My continued apologies for this week’s poor posting schedule. I’m still without internet, but I’ve since I’ve figured out how to tether my iPhone for “free” internet! Don’t tell AT&T.


  1. Well there goes one of my two reasons for jailbreaking. Now if only Apple decides to let you put a custom text message tone on the standard firmware.

  2. I still have 4 months before I can switch and possibly get an iphone.

    Truthfully, the idea of not having one mp3 player in one pocket and my phone in the other makes me giddy.

  3. Wait, this is news?
    Every other phone manufacturer has always allowed this. I could use my old Razr as both internet and old-fashioned dialup modem. The same applies goes for every Nokia E or N series. They even have a button to do just that.

    What’s the objection? I assume the “reasonable use” policy is enough to disconnect people downloading blu-rays.

    1. To anyone who’s ever tried (or succeeded) at torrenting over tethered internet — I salute you, you magnificent bastards.

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