Glenn Beck Murder Meme Madness!

Building off of Beck’s tendency to start with an outrageous claim, and then place the burden of disproof on the ambushed party —

— a new internet meme is asking a very important question: did Glenn Beck rape and murder a young girl in 1990? Why hasn’t he denied this horrific charge? If he has nothing to hide, he should come forward and deny it at once. Otherwise, how do we know we’re not getting reliable information about fascist dimes from a murderer??



  1. Glenn Beck, supplying 50% of the post material for Submitted to a Candid World since January 2009!

    1. That’s not fair at all. You know it too! The parts of this blog that target Beck exist, yes, but they’re more substantive than you seem to imply. Case in point the first amendment post, using beck as a way of examining the instrumental qualities of the amendment. That’s serious, not just lol Glenn Beck lol!

      1. I count 34 Glenn Beck posts. Really? Is he THAT important? If I had 34 posts on any liberal commentator I’d think I needed some time off.

        I know I repeat this a lot, but there are INTELLIGENT conservative voices out there for anyone interested in hearing them. Obessing over the most obnoxious one is playing to the lowest common denominator.

  2. Beck: “Sir, prove to me that you are not working with our enemies….”
    Ellison: “…I have a deep love and affection for my country. There is no one who is more patriotic than am, and so I don’t need to prove my patriotic stripes.”
    Beck: “I understand, and I’m not asking you to.”

    Does Beck even listen to himself?

    And Mike, I guess he’s just the gift that keeps on giving. :)

  3. Whilst I will say Glenn Beck is a “special” man, is it really appropriate to stoop to his level? (Obviously you can’t actually get to his level as lying down in the gutter is too high brow for him, but still). The reason it is criticised is because it because it is a disgusting and deceitful tactic. All he is going to do with this meme is use it to attack the left. He will use it as a means of trying to show how right he is, because how could you agree with someone who would say that about him?

    1. That is a fair point, but I’d argue it’s more of a way of showing his argumentation is flawed, than a way of attacking him. He may react the same though.

      1. The problem with this is the take home message. What are people going to pick up on, that Glenn Beck uses a subtle logical fallacy by placing the burden of proof on the accused, or that some people who dislike him accused him of something they knew to be false?

        1. MarshallDog · ·

          What I’m mostly afraid of is that somebody takes it seriously… like after Beck dies his obituary references this as a real controversy that haunted him throughout his career. My other fear is that Beck will be fired because of his lack of sponsor support, but then blame it on the internet meme and try suing people for slander.

          1. None of those things seem particularly scary to me. In fact, they seem kinda awesome.

        2. I think it’s perfectly appropriate to stoop to his level… so long as, when stooping, it is done with a website that cost pennies a day to run and the author of said website is doing it to highlight the lunacy of Beck’s actions as a “Talking Head”. If it were a serious attack on Beck, then no, I don’t think it would be appropriate. But this is some damn good satire!

          1. Think what Beck has done is totally sptiud and uncalled for. First off this man knew what he was doing, he figure let me say this on AIR and then go back an APOLOGIZE which would fix everything, come on BECK do you actually think everyone is sptiud in this world or do you think BLACK people and WHITE people are ignorant. You knew exactly what you where saying, we are not DUMB as you may think. We all know that you are very prejudice, why dont quite know, but what you need to know is that this is a universal world that we all live in. (Men get a GRIP on it). I think they should take your show off the air so that we as the PEOPLE dont have to hear or read about incidents like this. Your apology is not accepted.ThanksAn American Citizen

  4. Here are some eerie coincidences that are worth checking out …

  5. Glenn Beck reminds me of the pussy ones I would take their lunch. And screw their sisters.

  6. MikeFromOhio · ·

    Ask about the controversy, did Glenn Beck rape and murder a young girl in 1990? Why has he not denied it?

  7. Fact:
    Glen Beck was alive in 1990.
    Glen Beck was in a town, with YOUNG GIRLS.
    Glen Beck was in town, when GIRLS WERE RAPED.

    Decide for yourselves people.

  8. I have been doing some research in my own fear cave, and have discovered the following:

    If you rearrange the letters in words that Glenn Beck has said in the past, you get the message, “I, Glenn Beck, raped and murdered a young girl, and I liked it. Then I cooked and ate her body, and she was delicious. Furthermore, I was born in Kenya, which you could prove if I showed you my penis, which I used to rape a young girl.”

    There you go. He confessed!

  9. You left wingnuts will stoop to any level ( are just low enough to suck a pigs dick) if you can’t take this country to a socialistic , facist , obamanation . You start spewing lies. Soon there will be web sites that accuse van jones of being a racist asshole. ( oh yeah. There already is) ore Obama of bring a facist racist asshole…… Again already there. So many website…. Sp little time bffore your JIG is up.

  10. Joe Iacy, beyond needing a dictionary, should realize that not one of us has come out and said that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990. What we don’t understand is why Beck won’t simply stand up, and say that he didn’t do anything like that. This way, perhaps the internet rumor that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990 would go away.

    Why won’t he deny it?

  11. Some People · ·

    Some people say they saw Glenn Beck fleeing the scene of a dead raped woman in 1990. Some people are afraid that Glenn Beck will rape again. Some people think that Glenn Beck will rape and kill more women in 2010 to mark the 20th Rape-versary of his 1990 rape and murder of that woman, allegedly.

    What do you think? Should Fox condone the alleged rape and murder of a woman in 1990 by that raping, murdering maybe Glenn Beck?

    1. I just don’t think Glenn Beck would rape AND murder a young girl. I can’t believe it. Not in 1990.

      But you know…. where there is smoke, there is fire….

  12. Wet Willie · ·

    Glenn kicked my puppie.

  13. Glenn Beck looks and acts very very weird. I would no more be comfortable with having Glenn Beck for a neighbor than having for a neighbor a Level 3 Sexual Predator.

  14. rayhow2240 · ·

    I don’t know if the reports of Beck raping and murdering a girl are true or not. But there is some suggestive evidence that it could be true. For example, he once publicly fantasized about poisoning a congresswoman. Seem to be issues with women there. Combine this with all the mood swings, crying outbursts, etc. and a picture begins to emerge.

    However, i’ve seen other reports that suggest the authorities are not entirely sure the victim was a girl, as the genitals were so mutilated by the time he was done. It’s troubling that all these questions are being swept under the rug.

  15. rayhow2240 · ·

    I also notice there’s a police report about the murder and rape circulating where Beck is named as the suspect:

    Does Beck have a police report saying he was not a suspect? Doesn’t seem like it.

  16. Some people are saying that Glenn Beck did not commit this crime, he only came on the scene afterward and had sex with the body, therefore he would only be guilty of necrophilia which is a mental condition for which he can’t be responsible.

  17. I KNOW that Glenn Beck DID in fact murder a young girl in 1990, because Jesus Christ and the Angels appeared to me in a dream, and later a grilled cheese sandwich and told me that he did.

    WHY HASN’T GLENN BECK DENIED IT? Because he did in fact MURDER A YOUNG GIRL IN 1990!

  18. […] Glenn Beck Murder Meme Madness! Building off of Beck’s tendency to start with an outrageous claim, and then place the burden of disproof on the […] […]

  19. Anthony Riviera · ·

    The Glenn Beck story is a fraud. The more important story is that Keith Olbermann was a suspect for years in a series of murders of prostitutes in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

    Google the following names:

    Molly Jean Dilts
    Kim Raffo
    Tracy Ann Roberts
    Barbara V. Breidor

    Olbermann has never denied his role in these killings. What is he hiding? He told a former girlfriend that he would do to her what he did “to those four c_nts in Jersey,” and she told police what he said but when questioned he denied it. But he is a suspect. And the police have never cleared him.

    Does MSNBC have a serial killer doing the 8 PM news for them? What is being done to investigate this?

    Contact the sponsors for MSNBC – tell them that you will not buy products from any company that advertises on a program that has a serial killer as its host.

    1. I think if you understood the Beck meme, you would understand you’re reinforcing it.

  20. Forced memes are failmemes. No exceptions.


  21. Glenn Beck is plainly suffering. He seems burdened by a deep seated guilt, thinly disguised as outrage, which unfortunately points to one and only one conclusion: it was only a matter of when, not whether, his sordid past would overtake him. He hasn’t denied murdering and then raping a young girl in 1990….yet. Nor has he refuted explosive allegations he was a Sparticist Youth League leader as an undergraduate. I could go on, but what’s the point? Glenn’s furtively constructed facade will soon unravel faster than a Chinese Communist tire, according to a variety of sources. The longer the litany of charges against Glenn Beck remain unrefuted, the plainer their essential truth becomes. If Mr. Beck has any regard for the Founding Fathers, he will produce the necessary exculpatory evidence of these charges at once, or God fearing Patriots can and must draw thier own conclusuions.

  22. […] evidence is overwhelming that Glenn Beck is not only guilty of rape but also of murder.  The fact that he has not denied his actions and refuses to simply provide a […]

  23. There seems to be rampant raping going on over at Fox News. Not only does Glenn Beck refuse to deny his involvement in the rape and murder, not only does he not produce evidence to clear his name, but he also refuses to comment on the other rapes committed by his fellow Fox News personality, Sean Hannity.

    Shame on you, Mr. Beck! You give the Beck name a bad name. I pity Mr. Alex Trebeck.

  24. I find this more than a little unsettling. Glenn Beck need say only “I did not rape and murder a girl in 1990,” right? That took me 5 seconds to type, and would take him maybe 2 seconds to say.

    What’s really going on Glenn?

  25. Does Mr. Beck travel alot? I’m hoping he doesn’t come to Canada. Everyone here is worried about him crossing the border; well everyone except those that live in Alberta they would obviously respect a guy who puts “wumen in their place”. Could someone e-mail me a picture of him so I can make up posters for my community watch group?

  26. This is horrible and wrong. Glenn Beck did not rape and murder anyone until proven guilty of raping and murdering someone in a court of law. Until then he is presumed innocent of raping and murdering anyone. In fact there is no evidence that Glenn Beck raped and murdered anyone at all. Anyone who goes around saying irresponsible and baseless things such as Glenn Beck is a rapist and a murderer should be ashamed.

    1. No one said he’s guilty. We just need him to prove that he did not rape and/or murder a girl in 1990. Again no one is saying he did, I don’t think he did, but some might and he needs to answer the supposed question!

  27. its on the internet, so it must have happened, duh….

  28. Bob Turner · ·

    Yep, Glenn Beck sure has you fuggin morons on the run. There is more evidence that Bill Clinton was a rapist and a murderer, and one of your journo heroes, Rick Sanchez, actually struck and killed a man in 1991 while driving drunk, yet somehow you accuse Beck on nothing but delusions.

    You liberals sicken me. The country should be rid of you as soon as possible.

    1. Yeah! Let’s keep the real Americans! Let’s take back the real America! Oh and confederate flags, rebellion!

      Who’s Rick Sanchez?

    2. Does anyone how much time Glenn Beck served for the 1990 rape and murder of a young woman?

      1. Fairplay Turnabout · ·

        I don’t think he was ever convicted.

        A sad commentary on our justice system.

  29. usapatriots · ·

    Before people spread rumors they need to check their facts. The rape and murder in 1990 was not commited by a Glenn Beck but by a Jason Beck. Need proof? Here is an appeal filled on the case a few weeks ago.

    1. I know he didn’t. No one’s accusing him of raping and murdering a girl in 1990, but that’s the way I feel.

      (Do any of you Beck defenders watch the video on this post?)

    2. Did this “Jason Beck” have a birth certificate? Could have been Glenn Beck… in disguise!

  30. I heard someone on the bus say he was born in Canada. His family smuggled him across the border to get free health care and social security.

  31. Walt Jabsco · ·

    After I heard about this Glenn Beck raping and murdering a girl in 1990 meme, I had my doubts. He’s a dick, sure, but a rapist/murderer? I saw the police report floating around, which looks fake, but it places the whole thing in Durham. So I looked up stories from Durham in 1990, and found the following AP wire story. I’m not saying Beck raped and murdered (or murdered and raped, whatever) that dismembered girl, but it’s a weird coincidence.

    Police find dismembered body in Durham reservoir
    Published: Tuesday, March 20, 1990

    DURHAM, N.H. (AP) – Following an exhaustive search by divers and chain dragging of Durham Reservoir, police have found the remains of an unidentified young woman who officials say appears to be in her late teens to early twenties.

    The search was prompted after a local man walking his dog near the reservoir saw a suspicious object floating in the water, causing him to call the police. The object proved to be a human arm.

    “Without a doubt, this is the most grisly murder I’ve seen in years,” said Police Chief Paul Gown. “Whoever did this has some serious problems.”

    While the police refused to speculate about the cause of death before an autopsy is conducted, Gowen did note that there were clear signs of sexual assault. The remains were found in black plastic trash bags at the bottom of the lake, weighted with rocks.

    “We encourage anyone who knows anything about this case to come forward so we can bring this innocent young girl peace in the hereafter,” Gowen said. “Our first priority is identifying this poor girl and bringing her family some closure.”

    Police officials say they are reviewing missing persons reports from the past year in hopes of identifying the body.

    The Police Department encourages anyone with information regarding the case to call at (919) 560-4427.

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