Partial Settlement in Freshwater Case

No admission of liability, but a hefty bill of attorney’s fees, medial compensatory damages to one plaintiff for being “branded” with the sign of the cross, and nominal damages to all, for a high school science teacher who displayed the Bible and taught it as straight-up science. Victory for the forces of good, lex populus victor, salve NCSE triumphator magna cum auctoritate sapientiaque!


  1. A kid was literally branded with an electrical device and this isn’t in criminal court? Really, though, this mostly seems to be about that incident and less about his “merely” bringing religion into the science classroom. Seems like a full set of details on the “charges” would be helpful.

  2. DickTurpis · ·

    If I recall, the “branding” was exaggerated. He allegedly used an electrical device in a demonstration. It leaves a red mark which wears off before long. I think the student agreed to it. The term “branding” makes it sound like he took a branding iron and permanently burned the kid’s flesh. If that had happened you an bet it would be in criminal court. Teaching creationist nonsense as science seems to be the more significant issue to me.

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