Thank You, Senator Kennedy

senate sealDespite a strangely crossed-out headline on the New York Times website, it’s true: Senator Kennedy has indeed passed away.

Ted Kennedy is the man who built modern America, from the Civil Rights Act to the salvation of Medicare. Senator, your commitment to equality has proved your detractors short-sighted, time and time again. You leave behind a grateful nation.

[T]he work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.

Yes, we are all Americans. This is what we do. We reach the moon. We scale the heights. I know it. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it. And we can do it again.

Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA), 1932-2009



  1. It is always hard to know what to say when someone dies, especially when it is someone who has been a fixture as long as Kennedy has, but I think thank you is just the right sentiment. He dedicated his life for fighting for what is right and just. It was a life well spent and we are thankful for it.

  2. Seantor Kennedy was, for me, part of my early introduction to politics (along with Tip O’Neil and Daniel Patrick Moynahan). He was the Democratic movement in my eyes for along time. I’ll have my own rememberance up shortly.

  3. rip senator kennedy. hopefully the healthcare bill will be passed in your memory.

  4. Let’s hope that whole ‘forgiveness of sins’ things works out for him. Otherwise he’s going to need some sunscreen.

    1. Let’s also hope that the self-righteous remember the parable of the woman at he well before they start casting stones.

      1. I agree. No one who killed a woman while drunk driving should cast stones.

  5. Oh Mike. The conservative one. I wrote this on the Facebook too —

    “TheTimes ran a story praising Kennedy’s life, but noting that he was a flawed man. They managed to do it quite respectully, so that his many triumphs remained justifiably first in the reader’s mind. [Conservative Mike], you could learn something from that. All great men and women have their flaws, but for Kennedy as many others, they’re the subplot, not the central story. Today especially, let’s focus on his authorship of the Civil Rights Act, etc., and leave selective criticism for another day.”

    1. Why is it important to focus on the good and ignore the bad? He killed someone, fled the scene and never served a day in jail. Nothing he accomplished politically erases that stain.

      If only liberals were so kind to Robert Novak when he died.

  6. Novak did less good, substantially more bad, and STILL got a stirring tribute in Salon. Most other liberals, like myself, held our tongues. Classiness win.

    1. I would contend that ‘holding your tongue’ means saying nothing. Most liberals, yourself included, made a point to mention that they could say nothing good about him which is a back-handed way of saying something bad.

      We’ll let God judge whether or not Kennedy made up for his considerable sins..but my opinion is no.

    2. Do you similarly hold Jefferson’s legacy hostage to the Sally Hemmings incident?

      “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind;

      1. Let’s see…

        Unwed sex with slave ….. manslaughter.

        The scales of justice are tipping in a certain direction. But yes, for the record, Jefferson’s legacy IS tainted by his slave-holding.

        In all the rememberances over the next week or so, i wonder how many will be for Mary Jo Kopechne whose life was made much shorter because she got in a car with Ted Kennedy.

        1. Isn’t there a phrase that’s occasionally used in these contexts? I think it’s something along the lines of “innocent until proven guilty”.

          1. If he was innocent he would have called the police. I don’t even think most liberals believe he had nothing to do with her death.

          2. His failure to call the police does not prove or even suggest anything. People suffering from mental shock, as anyone in that situation would, do not behave rationally.

            1. Riiiiiiight….

              1. Shall I take that to mean you deny the existence of such a thing as acute stress reaction?

                (I note that conservatives do quite often deny scientifically proven phenomena.)

  7. You forget, Lanfranc. Liberals and Muslims are presumed guilty.

  8. Also from facebook:

    “And sure, there’s no statute of limitations on murder, but nor could Kennedy be plausibly accused of it. … Read MoreMurder is intentional killing with malice aforethought (simplified); even the then-DA knew the most they could pin on Kennedy was manslaughter, likely involuntary. That’s a very different crime, and while I don’t intend to minimize the death of a young woman, is not as much an indictment of Kennedy’s character, nor is there much evidence for the “cover up” you allege. The DA didn’t prosecute it; happens every day in towns across America. You shouldn’t make that tragedy into something it’s not, just for political gain.”

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