Victory over TexasDarlin?

Since the PUMAs have long since lost whatever relevance they once had, I haven’t paid attention to them in a while — and I doubt you have, either. Good! But you might be interested to know that “TexasDarlin,” erstwhile Hillary fan, originator of the legal “theories” now used by birthers like Orly Taitz and, now, Tom DeLay, has shut the blog down! It’s “protected” — in WordPress lexicon, viewable by only those given accounts. Apparently, she’s taken this step before, so we can’t be sure it means she’s gone for good. I haven’t been to the site in a while, so I don’t know what started it, either — anyone have more information?

Update: thanks to Chris for pointing out that TexasDarlin has stated that she’ll be on hiatus. Here’s hoping it’s permanent.


One comment

  1. I checked her about a week ago and she had announced that, due to personal reasons, her blog was going on hiatus.

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