Cooperation, Apparently, is Not a Family Value

Chuck Grassley, leading Republican opponent of the House health care bill, has four requirements for any health care bill:

No public option, no rationing, no government bureaucrats getting between doctors and patients, and tort reform.

Presumably, private rationing, and private bureaucrats getting between doctors and patients, are preferable — at least when they’re your chief contributors.

When two of your “must have” issues are facades, and the third you rejected, when it was offered to you in May, what does that say about your ability to govern?


One comment

  1. It says this (Which a 10 year old could have spotted) – the Republicans are no longer in power, and they have concluded that the way back to power is obstruct Democrats at every turn. They do not believe in actually doing anything for ordinary Americans, because even though we pull the voting levers, they do not work for us.

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