Glenn Beck is Winston Smith; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength

We already knew Glenn Beck was a modern-day Thomas Paine. Indeed, he’s practically identical to the fiery, quick-witted deist/atheist who kindled the fire of patriotism that grim 1776 winter. Now, apparently, he’s also the hero of his own personal 1984, struggling bravely against a police state that censors dissent by, well, allowing people to tell him he’s wrong.

haters are out in force.I love all the ‘you’re crazy’ comments.Freedom of speech? No. Medicate, silence, ridicule those you hate.O’s1984

It’s a rare man that builds his many detractors into a state-sponsored, murderous mob. It’s the rarer man still that uses a warped definition of “censorship” to delegitimize his opponents.

Consider this: if it’s “censorship” for me to call Glenn Beck crazy, is it “censorship” for Glenn Beck to accuse me I’m censoring him? Hmm. I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.



  1. An interesting persecution complex he’s building there. He ought to go see a psychiatrist. There are excellent treatments available for paranoid disorders.

    1. But that’s exactly his point! You’re just trying to medicate him into submission!

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