The Last Difference Between Obama and Bush

It’s as big as the difference between right and wrong, and it goes to the character of both men: Obama is willing to lose in 2012, if it means getting health care passed:

I’m not going to kick the can down the road …. If it makes me a one-term president, I’m going to, we’re going to take it on because the country is in need of us.

And that, friends, is precisely why he will not be a one term president.



  1. That is a very astute observation. I remember when President Obama said that, but had forgotten about it. Thanks.

  2. Gotchaye · ·

    How much information value is there in a comment like that, really? We like politicians who claim not to care about their approval ratings. I’m sure you could find something similar from Bush in his first term about not caring about reelection if he can just make America a little bit safer.

  3. Gotchaye · ·

    And Bush actually did seem to do his damnedest to push his agenda through regardless of what it did to his approval rating. There are things that you can criticize him for, but this seems an odd one.

    Checking out Wikipedia, Bush’s first term saw lots of obstacles put up to obtaining abortions, greatly expanded funding for faith-based initiatives, and a much-reviled policy on stem-cell research. He endorsed a constitutional marriage amendment. NCLB was his baby. The Patriot Act. There were constant complaints that the Republicans under Bush were perfectly willing to ride roughshod over the opposition, and I don’t recall hearing anything about significant compromises being made with the Democrats for the sake of achieving more universally-acceptable legislation.

    Even with a terrorist attack occurring in his first term and the US having just started a war in Iraq (the sorts of things that would be expected to massively increase an incumbent’s approval rating) he only barely beat out Gore (not a particularly inspiring candidate himself) in the 2004 election.

  4. Gotchaye · ·

    Oops. That should be Kerry in 2004, of course, who was even less inspiring than Gore – the man’s primary appeal was that he wasn’t Bush.

  5. another giant difference between obama and bush, obama pays attention and learns!!!

    i just watched footage of his town hall today in montana vs footage of his town hall in NH (i’m in MA). obama today was the obama of last year, not the defensive obama of tuesday, reacting. today he was proactive and it’s about time.

    next up, my home state of colorado. that’ll be interesting to say the least. god i hope my sister isn’t an obama bashing sign carrier!!!

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