Sotomayor, J., Delivered the Opinion of the Court

Get used to seeing that. Was there ever a doubt? Good for Senators Alexander, Bond, Collins, Graham, Gregg, Lugar, Martinez, Snowe, and Voinovich for breaking ranks with their Republican comrades to vote for this historic confirmation. Note that half of the Republicans’ female senators — Collins and Snowe, but not Hutchinson and Murkowski — voted for Sotomayor, perhaps sensing, accurately, that the Supreme Court has suffered long enough without a second female voice on the Court. As this past term proved, like it or not, women on the Court add something to the deliberations, and the law is better off with their contributions.

Also, I hasted to add, President Obama’s first year in office is looking a lot like the first year of another historic, popular, albeit fictional Democratic President, Jed Bartlet. In his first year “in office,” Bartlet successfully managed a minor international crisis, and appointed the first (fictional) Hispanic Supreme Court justice. Pirates : Syrian plane incident :: Sotomayor : Mendoza, no?

In any event, congratulations, Justice Sotomayor. Are you hiring law clerks, yet?


One comment

  1. Shame on you justice Sotomayor!
    In the 1970’s we didn’t know better.
    You should be defending like to the max.
    We know now what abortions do to mothers and fathers and what psy. issues they live with forever, let alone the loss of precious life.
    Help make decisions that proptect life
    Political correctness is bull!@!!!

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