How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Birthers?

Listen very carefully, because I’m only going to say this once. I think MSNBC was a little too rough on Orly Taitz in this interview:

MSNBC’s tactic in this interview appears to have been to interrupt Taitz, and throw enough embarrassing facts at her, to force her to totally and completely lose it. Call it the “A Few Good Men” stratagem. In this case it seems to have worked, but is either wholly unnecessary or counterproductive to MSNBC’s goals. It’s a given that, in any interview, Taitz will make herself look like a fool. Unfortunately, her audience doesn’t care about it. Looking at this video, the rabid hordes of birthers will see Taitz courageously standing up to a media bent on “censorship,” not a correspondence school “lawyer” who can’t seem to use definite articles in her sentences. The best way to make her look as foolish as she is, without giving her supporters something to rally behind, is to confront her on the substance. The Kenyan “certificate” is a fake. The proof of Obama’s Hawaiian birth is irrefutable. And no lawyer worth a dime buys into her “no dual citizenship” theory. MSNBC should’ve given her a chance to speak, before destroying the merits of her arguments. After all, it’s not hard to do.


  1. Oneiroi · ·

    I don’t think they were unfair at all.

    She started the interview by rambling and being defensive, and they had to push her to go on.

    Then they were trying to ask follow up questions when Orly then went on tangents about how mistreated she was and how they were nazi’s.

    The female interviewing her, had to treat her like a child to get a word in.

    1. They weren’t being ‘unfair’ Really?? So, how many languages do YOU speak, One? It is very hard to translate language in ones head.What they did to this woman was totally unacceptable.
      I dont know if this is ‘fake’ NOBODY knows wtf this ‘pres.’ is putting us ALL through.

    2. Oneiroi · ·

      They weren’t.

      She was being belligerent, defensive, and hardly let anyone else talk. That has nothing to do with language.

      The problem was not that she had a difficult time speaking, but that she went off on tangents before answering the question and spent most of the time yelling at people.

  2. i just watched it again and i completely agree with her belligerent rantings and misdirections. nazis?

    language has nothing to do with it; if you speak that many languages, you have no problem conducting an interview in one language. it wasn’t like they were asking her questions in russian and she had to answer in english!

    1. Nancy, I speak Hebrew and Spanish, and it is NOT easy translating AT ALL.

      It is nice to be more fair to this woman. We are not showing the world, after this interview that we are very polite, or fair, and definitely not tolerent.

  3. One, you are very intolerant, so unbecoming. She is from a FOREIGN country, and that is how they speak. You are not very educated, as if you were, you would understand why she reacted the way she did. She was also on a plane for 15 hours, advised them that she already had a bad time with CNN.
    You need to be more liberal and tolerant.

  4. themadjewess, i speak 3 languages, and i reiterate, the interview was conducted in one language. i’ve had, as i’m sure you’ve had, conversations carried on in simultaneous languages. that i grant you can be challenging. this was all conducted in english. how long she was inflight is irrelevant.

    if this woman is heading up this crazy birther movement (?) she’d better knuckled under for a hard time in interviews.

  5. I agree with Nancy. Saying that she was having translating English is beyond reason. She lives in the US, and practices law in California. She is used to communicating in English. Look if she was being interviewed in some language that she hadn’t spoken in years that would be one thing. However this argument is ridicules. And by the way I speak German and English. Orly is in over her head and she is starting to lose it. You can tell that a previous interview had upset her and she carried it over into the MSNBC interview. Yes, Shuster was hard on her, but Orly should expect that from a network like MSNBC, much in the way Fox News would be hard on Bill Maher. The difference is Maher is intelligent enough and articulate enough to survive the situation.

  6. One more thing…I clicked on themadjewess website thinking I would be able to learn something about the “birthers” point of view. Simply put, I was mortified. Profanity, threats about hanging those who don’t agree with you, and all around manic writing. Don’t you understand that you are never going to change peoples opinions in that fashion. You will forever be preaching to your choir.

    1. OMG Drew, i just clicked it too….horrifying, simply put.

      sadly, there are a lot of people out there with some serious personal issues of their own, that they impose on the rest of the world.

      1. Ugh. I hadn’t seen it either, and I don’t know what to say. “Disturbing” comes to mind.

  7. I intended to say “Saying that she was having *trouble* translating English is beyond reason” in my first post……its late.

  8. ‘Don’t you understand that you are never going to change peoples opinions in that fashion.’

    Am I ‘required’ to FOLLOW what you ALL think?? Isnt this AMERICA anymore, or is that only reserved for people that agree with Obanana

    1. The point is, if you’re going to get angry for other people not listening to you and agreeing with you, then you might want to listen to the people who say, “people might respect you more and listen more if…” You’re not required to take any one else’s advice, but sometimes it might benefit you, that’s all.

    2. I feel like the GOP and its supporters are having a schizophrenic episode. Today an op-ed piece in NY Daily News explicitly stated that GOP’s promotion of “birther” issues is a controversy made up by the liberals and liberal media. Then we get the self-titled Madjewess who seems run a radical-right blog. I am deeply confused.

      P.S. Madjewess blog seems echo the fundamentalist Christian view that Obama is the great Satan and we’re at war with same. That is not the view that Judaism takes of Satan. On further inspection there are multiple references to Jesus.

      1. do you hear that sound? that’s the sound of GOP implosion!

        madjewess has disturbing issues, that echo the GOP’s schizophrenia

  9. No that was my head imploding when i saw this wonderful bit on madjewess (more fitting every minute)site:

    “Dixie is a huge part of our history where we were FORCED to go to war against our brothers for some damned ETERNAL malcontened SUB HUMANS”

    I don’t think Taitz benefits from her support, nor would she want it.

    1. I don’t think Taitz benefits from her support, nor would she want it.

      I would not make that assumption, Igor. If Orly doesn’t know that these are the types of people she attracts, then she’s stupider than she looks.

    2. subhuman??? you wouldn’t be referring to “black” people, now would you?

  10. Igor, most right wing Jews were not FOR the Civil War. We were FORCED to fight our brothers and sisters, thats a FACT.

    1. Oneiroi · ·

      I think the complaint is about the term “Sub Humans” not “forced”.

  11. And…Igor…you are not a racist, by ANY stretch of the imagination…you live in Harlem…right?? ;)

  12. I fail to see how one’s residence is indicative of their racist predilections (short of bunking out at KKK headquarter). Is it also your assertion that those who don’t reside in Crown heights hate blacks and Jews? Notwithstanding same, if I were an “elitist” bastard who attended Columbia, Harlem would have been an acceptable residence while still telling nothing about my personal views on racism.

    Tu quoque arguments rarely work. You don’t get to defend your bigotry by pointing out the obvious yet complex truths behind cultural relations.

  13. Why do cooks always insist on capitalizing certain words for emphasis?

    1. because they think we are as stupid as they are, so if they make the letters bigger, we’ll get it!!! sort of like shouting at people who don’t speak the same language.

    2. Oneiroi · ·

      It puts emphasis on certain WORDS, to make everything sound much more IMPORTANT when not really saying MUCH. SUB-HUMAN!

    3. Anzezzle · ·

      Cooks? To SHOUT over the NOISE in the KITCHEN.

      1. Anzezzle · ·

        Actually, this just made me think of a video clip:

  14. You are not a racist either, you live in Harlem.

  15. here it is, as laid out by the madjewess (mad be the operative word):

    she is voicing what the cowards on the extreme right won’t, and that is, “there’s an uppity negro running this country, and we just can’t have that”.

    may i remind you, madjewess, that it is 2009, the civil war was been fought and won. move on. there are more important things on this planet we share than the retarded thoughts a minor fringe group want to proffer. MTFO

  16. Non of you are racist, you all live in Harlem. (just making it easier for you, Madjewes.)

  17. Well, I do live about 7 miles away from Harlem, and I have a right to feel the way I feel, but none of you are racists, because you see the reverse-racism and do ZERO.

  18. uhhhh, Nancy, my family- ALL OF THEM, fought on the NORTHERN side, we are NYers.
    Maybe you could…like…go to school, do they teach that slavery was abolished by black people now??

    1. i don’t see where i geographically defined you specifically.

  19. Well there you go, it’s ok for madjewess to consider blacks subhuman because she has ancestors who fought for the North. Also she lives 7 miles away from Harlem (upper west side?). END OF DEBATeE.

    1. Anzezzle · ·

      It seems to me that madjewess has undermined her excuse that her ancestors fought for the Union when a few comments above she says “We were FORCED to fight our brothers and sisters, thats a FACT.”

  20. Igor, yes indeed, I most certainly DO believe some blacks are sub-humans, along with neo-
    Nazis who are left wing extremists.
    I am not like all of the other Jewish people who WORSHIP a race of people, blacks in particular.
    Sorry dude/dudette, they’ve destroyed any respect I have here in NYC. I am very racist now against them, and illegal occupiers, considering these people think NOTHING of turning my nation into a sh*thole.
    Jewish people are NOT suppose to WORSHIP black people.
    BTW.. I do NOT think that Obama is like all the other American blacks. That is not how I judged this man. I judged him based on past buddies.
    The JTF.ORG I am a member of, and we ENDORSED Alan Keyes as VP.
    Try living in Harlem, if you are black OR white- THAT is the ‘end of debate’

    1. Oneiroi · ·

      You’re probably the most trollish weirdest person I’ve heard from on the internet. I have a hard time believing you’re just not a caricature or satire of yourself.

  21. That thought has crossed my mind as well. She also fits a description of some personality disorders my girlfriend frequently describes to me from her dealings with he patients, in which case the debate is definitely futile.

  22. P.S. As a self described New Yorker, madjewess seems to harp on living in Harlem. Of course if she were a true New Yorker (and not 7 miles from Harlem, whatever that means), Brownsville or Ridgewood would be the optimal areas to stay out of. Indeed, when i first arrived to this country, Harlem was the infamous boogie man spot as well.

  23. i’m just thrilled i don’t live in NYC……she gives me nightmares!

  24. Having lived in many cities across the world, NYC remains my favorite. Harlem used to be OK until madjewess moved within 7 miles of it.

    1. ha ha

      don’t get me wrong i love NYC and harlem is great!

  25. Ugh, thankfully, Nancy, I’ve lived here for three years and neve met anyone as batshit as MJ.

    Which brings me to another question. I think it’s time this blog had its first ever banning. How do you do that on wordpress?

    1. acg, i have to say, i’m thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog. it is well written, well run and has the most intelligent group of posters (save one) i’ve encountered as yet. i’ve learned more here in a couple of weeks, than i did in college!!

      Thank you!

      1. Thanks Nancy! What a nice compliment!! I’m so glad you like it! I too am very glad for the awesome readers/commenters :)

  26. I skimmed through her other batshit crazy comments. As tempting as it is I don’t believe in any type of censorship of speech, whether that censorship is by a public entity or a private one. A better route would be to essentially stop engaging MJ in any type of debate, as there seems to be no point anyways.

    1. good point. i don’t believe in censorship either. people get really riled being ignored.

    2. I’m going to write a short post on this…. but I think you all are right. Sadly.

  27. I think it’s time this blog had its first ever banning. How do you do that on wordpress?

    Go to Settings -> Discussion -> Comment Blacklist

    Persistent trolls use sock puppets and morph their emails, etc., so the most reliable ban is with the troll’s IP address, or some uniquely identifying part of it. Best is a combo, e.g.

    Comment Blacklist




    Comments from the blacklisted will be marked as spam, and will not appear. You can inspect them if you want, like stinging insects trapped in a glass jar, before consigning them to outer darkness.

  28. I find it interesting that there is NO “Social injustice” outcry for the white people, the ones who are REALLY being discrimiated against.

    Jews, again, have been dealing with ‘race-hate, religious-hate, Jew-hate’ etc for over 6 thous. years. We tend to be able to spot the REAL from the FAKE.

    For ie: I get called a ‘dirty Jew, Kike, Israel-firster, Zionazi, Jew-supremist, Jew-whore, Jew-bitch, rat, Judenrat, etc.and more for standing up to neo-Nazis.

    I tend to feel, at this point that you are ONLY programmed to believe that the only racism is directed at black people and illegals.

    Go be a JEW sometime, and then come back and tell me how you are so socially just, because all I see here is the ‘race-card’ being tossed around like yesterdays garbage.

    Please bear in mind, that white people are SERIOUSLY discrimiated against- its just a fact, it needs to be addressed, and you all LACK THE GUTS in fear of being called a ‘racist’ if you want to take up for white people.

    White is the new word for hate and vc/versa. Anyone who is ‘pro-white’ is AUTOMATICALLY called a hater and a racist.

    Proof that Marxist dialect works with huddled masses, such as yourselves.

    1. Wow. The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one.

  29. Are you using a custom wordpress theme? It looks awesome!

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