To Clear Channel, Sarah Palin is No Rush Limbaugh

Media giant Clear Channel Communications, home of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, etc., has been successfully debasing American political discourse for nearly thirty-seven years now. But apparently, even they have standards: the word is that Clear Channel passed on a Sarah Palin talk show, when the idea was tentatively floated to them:

While you might assume Palin would be a better fit for conservative radio than the less partisan world of syndicated broadcast TV, my sources say the country’s biggest radio conglomerate, Clear Channel, has already passed on her.

The main objection to Palin as radio talk-show host is that she would have to hold forth for three hours a day. While some of her recent remarks may indicate a talent for improvisation, anyone who’s listened to Rush Limbaugh or Thom Hartmann or Don Imus or Howard Stern or even Ryan Seacrest knows it’s the rare personality who can blab extemporaneously for 15 hours a week. And relying on callers to get you through won’t help, because as we’ve all experienced, callers-in are usually more embarrassing than compelling.

Inside Radio also gleefully points out the irony of these rumors, since Palin’s disdain for the media is clear. As she admonished reporters in her departure speech: “Quit making things up.”

They have a point: people like Limbaugh may contribute little of intellectual value to the American airwaves, but it’s the rare human being who can talk for three hours straight a day, without being repetitive, or uninteresting. I have to hand it to Limbaugh — the man can talk.

Admittedly, few of Clear Channel’s hosts even truly fill three hours of political talk, but they manage to make up for it in other ways. If you ever listen to Michael Savage — which I by no means advise — you’ll notice that about 1/3 or so of his show is comprised of campy stories from his childhood in New York. It’s not interesting to me, when I listen to his show to find out “how the other half lives,” but his fans eat it up. God only knows what Palin could use as “filler.” Although, as we all found out last week, she does seem oddly capable of accidentally improvising transcendentalist poetry. So, there’s always that.


  1. Coincidentally, Clear Channel owns the country station I work at.

  2. I can only comment that the hate radio market is by nature tailored to its base. Truck drivers, night watchmen, angry, hard working, and uneducated. They are not readers, but listeners. They are not critical thinkers. They tend to attend tent churches, newly mall churches, big and savvy, lots of music, their preachers handsome straightmen with lovably silly wives. Oh, can they minister! Snake oil and a Satin-based fear “religion” play beautifully over the dashboard.
    As for Palin, her appeal is her Shirley Temple cuteness, her earnest desire to minister all that she so righteously and unwaveringly believes. She serves her cult, a thing that has no place in statesmanship or democracy. She needs to be on screen. Give it to us, baby!

    Someone please write this woman the sitcom she needs.

  3. oh no no no… more sarah, not even on tv!!! her 15 minutes have been up for awhile now. though i must admit i did enjoy reading the vanity fair article on her this month.

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