Rush Limbaugh Proves Himself Wrong (On Taxes)

As part of the GOP’s attempts to frame all taxes as “socialist” job-killers, last April, Rush Limbaugh vowed to leave New York, claiming to be fed up with the high taxes. It was a pretty clever move: there’s scant evidence that taxes actually do shift jobs overseas, but Limbaugh could have poignantly made his point by becoming a prop in his own socialist-versus-capitalist melodrama.

Could have — if he’d actually ever moved.

It’s true. Despite his promise to “go Galt,” fulfilling Ayn Rand’s dream of “talented” individuals fleeing tax-afflicted liberal metropoles, Limbaugh hasn’t moved a muscle. With this failure to follow-through, I dare say Limbaugh has in fact proved our point: that taxes are an integral part of any capitalist system, and in sufficiently desirable states, and sufficiently desirable nations, governments can raise taxes to provide for social services without fear of scaring away talented individuals, or profitable enterprises. I look forward to many more years of Limbaugh’s tax dollars paying for my “socialist” government-run transportation.


  1. As much as taxes in NYC may suck, there are more important reasons why the city is becoming one of the most stratified locales in the country. It’s certainly not a model for the rest of the country. Rush leaving would actually lower the income gap slightly with his wealth alone.

  2. Big as a hippo, Rush, has shown again that he is a hippocrite.

  3. Steve Jeffers · ·

    There are plenty of tax havens for the mega rich around the world. If Limbaugh really was a man of his word, why not set up shop in Monte Carlo?

  4. do you think monte carlo wants him??? yikes, just imagine that whale on the beach in a speedo??? the tourists would be hurling up their escargots and chardonnay and fleeing to greece!

  5. whispers · ·

    Actually, Rush lives and broadcasts from Florida

    1. I think Rush maintains a home in NY and in FL.

      1. So now you’re saying he should sell his home in the down turned market?

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