Fox News Writes its Own Controversy

Expect to be hearing about this from the tattered remains of the PUMA-sphere — according to a poll by Fox News, 32% of Americans want Palin’s next job to be “homemaker,” with Democrats especially likely to pick that response.

Salon calls sexism, but while they might be right, they’re missing the culprit. The question isn’t why Americans responded to the homemaker choice, but why it was included in the first place. The poll gave only a few principal choices for the question,”What do you think is the best job for Sarah Palin now that she has resigned as governor of Alaska?,” with these results (from the raw data):

Picture 1

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Context is everything, and viewed against the other options, it’s clear that “homemaker” is the only real option for those that want Palin out of politics altogether. “College professor” is, let’s face it, implausible, and “Other” is always underselected. The fact that it ranks at all in this poll just proves how poorly the entire damn thing was drafted. A more honest poll might mix in popular private-sector political alternatives, like consulting, to break down exactly how the anti-Palin crowd, like yours truly, sees her,  as either a complete incompetent mess, or just someone who doesn’t belong in the spotlight, yet. But Fox wasn’t going for an accurate picture. They were trying to build a story.

The only question now is how quickly this poll gets to Glenn Beck. Maybe by next week Obama will be not just a racist, but a sexist, too!



  1. On you blog motto: isn’t equal justice a redundant notion? Justice is by definition fair treatment. So you are in favor of fair fair treatment? What does that mean? And what does progressive mean if you are sticking to “traditional” values like justice?

    1. Progressive = progress + ive = has and encourages progress. Therefore, “progressive justice” = “supports progress in justice” = “supports improved implementation of justice” = “supports Robocop”.

      1. Progressive… = “supports Robocop”

        Wait, I thought Robocop (the movie, not the comic) was a parody of the Reagan-era conservative obsession with both privatization and law & order?

        1. Possibly, but I’m talking about the actual cyborg.

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