Yesterday, some scam site called let me know that “” would be coming available soon – and asked me to pay $97 to park it and use it for this site.

NEVER, I said! Upon hearing that the domain had become available, though, I went through a domain parking service and bought the chance to use the domain at the next available opportunity for $20. And here it is!

You can now update your browsers. No more are we a subpar “.net” domain (although that one still works too, it just redirects); we’re a full-on .com domain! From now on, feel free to visit us here.
Now back to my self-imposed bar study seclusion.



  1. Not that it particularly adds to the intellectual climate here, but

    “, it’s DOT COM!”

    1. Anzezzle · ·

      Whoops, I used a different nickname here.

    2. “Cut!”

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