Caption Contest: Megabus Warning Sign

This sign was posted on the wall of a Megabus bathroom – and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it tells me not to do.

“No suited voyeurs”?

“No closeted Republican senators allowed”?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts, but be warned, the bar is pretty high: that last one wasn’t mine, but it’s pretty much the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard.

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  1. You must sit to pee; or

    Sit and wonder why you are dressed like a 1950’s businessman.

  2. No coaching in the toilet stalls?

    Honestly, my first thought when I saw it was “The bus stop is not for masturbating”.

  3. Gotchaye · ·

    Does it mean that you’re in Houston this weekend?

  4. I think it means, only one person in the stall at a time.

  5. ScooterA · ·

    If your watching, hands must be visible at all times?

  6. Seriously ACG, I can’t believe you are asking for opinions on this one but far be it from me to refuse a challenge! It has to mean that one must sit to relieve oneself, as Donovan said. After all, the sign was on a bus and, as we females know, men have bad aim even when still!

  7. And I meant that in the nicest possible way! :)

  8. I’m still going with “no closeted Republican senators allowed” :)

  9. Clearly it’s “Jack Abramoff cannot watch you shit”

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