Whither “The Confluence”?

I’m continually flabbergasted by the popularity of “The Confluence,” a site haunted by ex-Kos bloggers and Hillary supporters who long outlived their welcome. For one, the site seems to be fast approaching its inevitable end in disappointment, as more and more “shadow campaign” groups give up the ghost.  Most of the posts lately, like the one linked above, are geared towards staging a “netroots” upset at the Democratic convention, to force a fast-fading Senator Hillary Clinton to the nomination.  Once this goal fails in disappointment and anger, the site’s raison d’etre seems likely to vanish.

A more important question, though, is what if it doesn’t?  When Hillary doesn’t receive the nomination, what if groups like this attempt to fight on, to the general election, sowing discontent and anger in a party that desperately needs unity?  There’s every indication that “Confluence” bloggers will never be happy – they demand that the convention be “fair, open and transparent with an authentic nomination for Hillary and arguments for her, and yes, maybe even some disunity before the final vote,” or they’ll “walk.”  But there are enough soft factors in that demand to guarantee that there’ll always be standing to object, and always reason for Hillary Democrats to “walk.”  But why?  After the inevitable failure, what’s the point?

Although Obama remains ahead in the polls, it’s not by a comfortable margin.  A continuance of party disunity, after the Convention, risks a McCain Presidency, which is likely to be even less to the liking of Hillary Democrats than Obama.  If Hillary stood for feminism, McCain stands for gutting women’s rights.  If Hillary stood for a fighting chance for middle America, McCain stands for more of the past eight years.  Talk about not seeing the forest through the trees.

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  1. didionsmommy · ·

    OMG! i don’t even know where to begin on this one. i cannot STAND these women. how dare they. their tactics are so inane. in my more neurotic moments, i fantasize about going tete-a-tete with riverdaughter.

    i live in a city where — according to the 2000 census — over 30% of residents aged 18 and older were black. blacks made up nearly 36% of the city’s entire population. i suspect these numbers have not changed much. (unfortunately, the census site does not have more recent summary stats.) according to the new york times, blacks favored obama over clinton by 24 percentage points in new york. my city was one of the only places in the state where obama won the primary vote.

    i would like riverdaughter to visit my city and explain to ALL of the blacks who voted for obama exactly WHY their votes are less meaningful than hers and her hillary-supporting compatriots. i would also like for her to explain to white women (like me) why her (white woman) vote is similarly more important than mine.

    she talks about the confluence of the four rivers in and around pittsburgh as a metaphor for unity:

    We will start with the Democratic party and then work to bring together the rest of the country. We will come together at our common goals and go forward together, strengthened and mighty.

    apparently pumas believe in unity on their terms alone.

    frankly, i find her entire site gratuitously self-serving. (i know blogs, by definition, are self-serving; it becomes a matter of degree.) at first i thought hers was an effort to be heard. she and a few others felt disenfranchised at dailykos. i understand that urge. (i left my career for the same reason.) but now i believe she is trying to build her own empire. she lives in new jersey and has a lot of connects in pennsylvania, an important state. i think she is milking this in the hopes of parlaying these 15 minutes into her own political-blog empire.

    and she apparently has connects through wordpress. i mean, how exactly are the “hawt posts” selected. i can’t imagine it is all driven by traffic. (if so, we really are in trouble.)

    reference links:

  2. Clinton lost the primary selection round of this election. So for the main election in November Clinton supporters have three choices: (1) Don’t vote and whine; (2) Vote for McCain; or (3) Vote for Obama. That’s it.

    Having looked at the “The Confluence” website, it appears that 2 is leading 1 by a head with 3 a very distant third. Do these people want four more years of a conservative president?

    What a lot of these folks don’t seem to realize is that McCain is not liked or trusted by the conservative leadership. As a result, McCain feels he has to out-neocon Bush. McCain will not turn away from the Dark Side if he’s elected. The somewhat moderate McCain of the 2000 election didn’t get elected, so that guy has been replaced by SuperBush McCain.

    Obama isn’t my first choice to be president (neither is Hillary Clinton). However, faced with the choice of Obama or McCain, there’s not a nanosecond’s worth of hesitation when I’m deciding who I’m going to support and vote for.

  3. didionsmommy · ·

    What a lot of these folks don’t seem to realize is that McCain is not liked or trusted by the conservative leadership. As a result, McCain feels he has to out-neocon Bush. McCain will not turn away from the Dark Side if he’s elected. The somewhat moderate McCain of the 2000 election didn’t get elected, so that guy has been replaced by SuperBush McCain.

    jojo! i am in agreement with just about every word of your comment, but i am especially on board with the part i excerpted … that is why i find it so laughable when people try to package mccain as the maverick of 2000-and-before or as a moderate or as just-about-the-same-as-barack.

    i also have to gag when i hear some republicans claim the neocon “experiment” is over. if it is, someone needs to let rove and kristol and cheney know. (wolfowitz is tucked away somewhere in taiwan, so i suppose we need not worry about him for awhile.)

  4. didionsmommy · ·

    just in case you’re missing wordpress at all …

    riverdaughter hit the dashboard page again … today …

    i am a little disappointed this post hasn’t garnered even a handful more comments from concerned democrats … i do, on many occasions, lament the fact that i am one of the few women who regularly comments on this site … i am hoping the reason why this post did not get more action is NOT because it is about women (in a non-pregnancy/abortion context — men always have plenty to say about this subject) …

    *** *** ***
    hope you are enjoying freedom from the wordpress yoke!

  5. I hope so too, and I am! Confluence is really starting to grind my gears. Grr. What is the deal with that horrible site? More to come…

  6. Gotchaye · ·

    For what it’s worth, DM, I hadn’t commented because I don’t particularly care about politics, and the subject is almost purely political. If there’s no science, philosophy, or humor angle, I have a very hard time mustering up any interest.

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