The Rise & Fall of Starbucks


Dis moribus...

Good news, everyone!

Bad news.

A series of local Starbucks here in New York are slated for closure, including one of my favorite destinations. Although it’s “trendy” to be deeply suspicious of something as omnipresent as this coffee corporation, Starbucks is one of the few things in popular culture that, in my opinion, deserves its ridiculous popularity (Harry Potter would be another).  I’ll also credit Starbucks for knowing their customers, and knowing how to manipulate us: we chai-sipping, Obama-loving, tree-hugger hippie liberal grad students love to bring our bumper-sticker bedecked MacBooks to Starbucks to study how to stick it to the man in style.  Giving us free WiFi there, so long as we fill & use our Starbucks Card, is just good business practice.

Although the closure of most of these Starbucks will just mean an extra block’s walk (sometimes not even that: by Astor Place, there are two Starbucks across the street from each other!), it’s a sign of the times.


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  1. Across the street from each other… they’re like WaHo!

  2. didionsdaddy · ·

    We are losing the location in the Poughkeepsie Galleria. The cultural elite of Poughkeepsie are in mourning.

  3. didionsmommy · ·

    holy cow, that was a brand-new location! and half the mall is for lease as it is! yikes …

    and steve, what’s waho? i know weho, but waho? … please help.

  4. Didionsmommy, “WaHo” is one of America’s best restaurant chains.

  5. He’s right. Smart man, that Steve.

    Never get hashbrowns like that here in NYC :-(

  6. No WaHo in NY? Bummer. We have one about 2 minutes from my house. Hashbrowns smothered, covered and drowned in Bert’s Chili….fantastic post-bar food.

  7. didionsmommy · ·

    yikes! that sounds sooooooo yummy! totally up my alley.

    we’d have to drive over 100 miles, to pennsylvania, to experience that deliciousness.

    i sense a road trip …

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