Electoral-Vote.com and Our Hilarious Preconceptions

During the primary season, the popular website “Electoral-Vote.com” kept a running account of which Democratic candidate polled best against John McCain.  In what is now a moot (but nonetheless interesting) point, take a look at the picture below, from May 27th.  States where Barack Obama polled better against McCain are colored brown; where Hillary Clinton did better, they’re pink (see the legend below):

Do you notice something about the chosen colors?  Yes, that’s it: the black man is brown, and the woman is pink (friend’s reaction: “brown and pink? I don’t… ooooooh”). Maybe it was subconscious, but the esteemed votemaster’s choices of color seem to have stereotypically highlighted each candidates’ unique deviations from the white-male-politician norm.

I can’t decide if it’s tacky or funny.  I guess, just like so many plays on gender or race, it depends upon context, and upon who’s doing the playing.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusion.  We report; you decide.

Full disclosure: I didn’t pick up on this point, but my friend Natalie, who’s written for this site before, did… and because she’s otherwise occupied now, I get to post on it.

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  1. shadowcatdancing · ·

    You don’t have to decide. It’s both funny and tacky.

  2. FYI, your link to electoral-vote.com seems to be relative. Change it to http://www.electoral-vote.com/, or I’ll go mad.

  3. Hi Ames,

    I was looking for an email address for you, and failed, sooo… yeah. Sorry for the off-topic post.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve posted a recommendation for your blog today at:


    I don’t expect a reciprocal link or anything; I don’t really post in your subject matter. Just thought I’d let you know is all. Keep up the good work!

  4. I never thought I would live in a ‘pink state’. (Hanging my head in shame).

  5. I will take comfort in the fact that we will be quite ‘red’ by November.

  6. John, too late, you’re blogrolled :-). Thanks man! And if you want to contact me, it’s X – I’ll add that to the about page… glad you enjoyed it!

    And P.C…. love it. I plan to bring this up whenever possible.

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